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* Indonesian citizen, man, devoted to God Almighty, loyal and obedient to the Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution and not the Army personnel and police and civil servants.
* Age at time of entry on August 2, any education is opening no less than 18 years and not Iebih than 22 years.
* Behave well, and not lose the right to become Army personnel based on court decisions that have obtained permanent legal force with a letter from the police chief declared a place. \
* Regulated health (Physical and Spiritual).
* Graduates of SMU / MAN majoring in science and vocational flight to the provisions DANEM / SKHUN following

1. For graduates in 2010 will be determined later, to graduate in 2005 and 2006 the average value of 6.5 there is no value below 4.26 for the graduates of 2007 and 2008 the average value of UAN and UAS are not less than 6.50 are not there is a value of less than 6, moderate in 2009 with the following provisions:

a. Graduated high school / science majors MAN

Accumulative average value for 10 subjects consisted of 6 subjects and 4 subjects UAN UAS (religious education, PKN, History and Information Engineering) is 7, from 10 subjects only the subjects who obtained a value below 6 with lower limit 5.5.

b. Graduates of vocational Flight

Accumulative average value for 10 subjects consisting of 4 subjects and 6 subjects UAN UAS (religious education, PKN, Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education and Computers) with an average rating of 7 and there can be no value below 6.

2. Accompanied by a list of the cumulative value of Education

* Never married and could not be married during the carbolic acid and subsequent education.
* Height is not less than 165 cm.
* Able to carry out the First Service Association for 10 (ten) year period starting her new role as Air Force officers and are willing to be placed anywhere in the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
* There should be agreement and Parents / Guardians for that has not aged 21 years.
* For those who have worked regularly as an officer / employee is accompanied by: a. A letter from the Chief of Bureau concerned. b. Willing to be dismissed from the status of employees / employee when accepted into the Air Force Academy carbolic.
* Must take and pass the exam / examination that includes: • Posture and outward. • Administration and Screening POM. • Public Health candidate Army personnel and mental health. • Physical Ability (Samapta “A”, “B”, includes running, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, shuttle run. And also must pass a 50-meter pool and Posture / anthropometric). • Psychology. • Research Personnel. • Academic (Indonesian, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)

B. Registration

1. For the latest registration date please contact the nearest air base (Registration begins March 1). For registration year 2010 opened on 1 March to 15 April 2010.
2. How to Apply, Candidates come to the place of registration by presenting original document and submit each 2 (two) copy of:

* Birth Certificate / Letter Know Birthday or a photo copy of which has been legalized by the competent authority (Bupati / Mayor).
* Last Diploma / certificate that the candidate is a third-grade students who registered for the Ebtanas from the Head of School (photo copy of which has been legalized by the competent authority Principal / diknas)
* ID card and ID card copy prospective parents / guardians who legalized by the competent authority.
* Pas Photo 4 x 6 black and white without headgear as much as 2 sheets.

C. Dialing

1. The applicants who were called in when facing the air base should take place as well:

* The letter calls.
* Cover letter written by his own hand addressed to:

Air Force Chief of Staff of the TNI
U.P Head of Personnel Administration
East Jakarta

* Curriculum Vitae written in his own hands.
* Birth Certificate / Birth Know Letter from the civil / Regent / Mayor.
* Bring all original and photo copy of diploma from elementary to secondary school final sapai and DANEM / SKHUN specifically for photo copy of the last diploma education and DANEM / SKHUN have been legalized by the competent authority (Kakandep Dekdiknas for a private school and relevant school principal for public schools).
* Attach a copy of the cumulative value list that has been verified and books in the original report cards as well as original andphoto copy of the book description notes 3.Surat grade report cards from the police chief of local police regulations.
* Letter of Approval / permission of parents / guardians who are known by the headman / local village chief. applicant that approval is given by a guardian, but still have parents, must be accompanied by a written power of appointment of a guardian, signed by parents and guardians as well as endorsed by the head of the village headman and sub-district head in accordance address concerned parents.
* A statement has never been married and ability are not going to get married during the first military education and basic education and advanced classes are known to parents / guardians, village chief / head of the local village and sub-district heads.
* A statement issued capability anywhere in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia which is known by the parent / guardian, Village Chief / Head of the Village and the local district.
* Letter of approval / permission of the Head / Agency who stamped agency for those who already bekerja.Kartu family of parents and guardians for those who wear the guardian (legalized by Village Chief / Head of Village / subdistrict).
* For those who are still in high school class 3, for attaching a first class report cards until the third semester and carry a certificate from the school that the candidate is a third grade student who is registered as a participant Ebtanas.
* Pas latest black and white photographs, without glasses and headgear with a size 4 x 6 cm sebanayak 20 sheets (negative / cliche / CD attached).
* Copy of ID card candidate, parent / guardian (certified village chief / Head of Village and District Head).
* Letter of death for parents who have died.
* Skep Pension for his parents retired military / police / civil servants.
* All the above papers are prepared each dual 8 (eight pieces), 1 (one) original and seven (7) copy is already legislation.

2. Place of Registration on-air base air base area designated as such acceptance carbolic

* Office of Personnel air base in Jakarta Halim Perdanakusuma phone number 021-8019041 to areas include: Province of DKI Jakarta, Banten Province, Depok, Bekasi, Karawang
* Department personnel Atang Lanud Sendjaja 0251-7535913/4 Bogor with a phone number, to the region include: Bogor, Cianjur, Sukabumi
* Department personnel Lanud Bandung Husein Sastranegara Phone No. 022-6037630 278 aircraft to the region include: Bandung, Sumedang, Garut, Purwakarta, Subang.
* Department personnel Wiriadinata Lanud Tasikmalaya with Phone No. 0265-333653 pswt 23 for the area include: Tasikmalaya, Ciamis, Kuningan, Majalengka, Cirebon and indramayu.
* Department personnel Wirasaba Lanud Purwkwerto tel 0286-47117 pswt 1006 include: Purbalingga, Purwokerto, Banyumas, Cilacap, Banjarnegara, Kebumen, Wonosobo, Pekalongan, Batang, Pemalang, Tegal, Brebes.
* Department personnel LanudSultan Iskandar Muda in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam tel 0651-26692 304 pswt include: Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.
* Department personnel in Medan LanudMedan tel no 0761-4572323 pswt 309 covers North Sumatra Province.
* Department personnel Lanud New Week in New tel 0761-61456 pswt Week 9201 include: Province of Riau Islands Province Riau and Jambi Province.
* Department of Padang in Padang air base personnel with phone number 0751-7053504 to the province of West Sumatra.
* Department personnel air base in Kilkenny Kilkenny tel 0711-410376 pswt 208 includes Province of South Sumatra, Bengkulu, Lampung Province.
* Department of Tanjung Pandan air base personnel in the Pacific Islands region tel 0719-22773/21004 Bangka Belitung Province
* Department personnel Iswahyudi air base in Madiun, East Java, tel 0351-868707 pswt 1004 include: Madison, Magetan, Ngawi, Ponorogo, Pacitan, Terri, Tulung Agung, Kediri, Nganjuk, Bojonegoro, Jombang.
* Department personnel Abdul Rachman Saleh air base at Malang, East Java, tel 0341-401102 covering area: Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Situbondo, Bondowoso, Banyuwangi, Jember, Lumajang, Blitar,
* Department personnel air base in Surabaya, East Java Surabaya tel 8667771 / 2 pswt 207 include: Surabaya, Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan, Sumenep, Gresik, Sidoarjo, Lamongan, Tuban and Mojokerto
* Department personnel Sultan Hasanuddin air base in Makakasar, South Sulawesi, tel 273 0411-553044/92 pswt include: Province of South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi Province (minus Buol and Tolitoli)
* Department personnel Lanud Sam Ratulangi in Manado, North Sulawesi, tel 0431-811077 pswt 29 include: Province of North Sulawesi, Gorontalo Province, Buol, Tolitoli, and North Maluku Province.
* Department personnel Lanud Balikpapan in East Kalimantan Balikpapan tel 0542 116-761141pswt include: Province of East Kalimantan, and Muara teweh
* Department personnel Lanud Sjamsuddin Noor in Banjarmasin in Central Kalimantan covers 213 tel 0511-4705268 pswt Province of South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan (minus Muarateweh).
* Department of Pattimura air base personnel in Ambon, Maluku Province tel 0911-348012 covers Maluku and Maluku Utarat
* Department personnel Jayapura Papua Lanud tel 0967-591172 pswt 5017 include: Jayapura, Merauke, Musha, Enarotali, Timika
* Department personnel in Biak Papua Lanud Manuhua tel 0981-21801 pswt 109 include: Biak, Serui, Sorong, Fakfak, Manokwari, Wamena, Nabire
* Department personnel Eltari air base in Kupang, NTT tel 0380-881373 pswt 103 include: NTT province
* Department personnel in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara Lanud Rembiga tel 0370-631183 for NTB province
* Department personnel LanudNgurah Rai Denpasar, Bali tel 0361-751116 pswt 113 for Bali Province.
* Department personnel in DIY tel LanudAdisutjipto 0274-488466/43331603 pswt 5271 include: DIY, Purworejo, Magelang, Waterford, Semarang, Kendal, Demak, Klaten.
* Department personnel LanudAdi Soemarmo in Surakarta, Central Java tel 0271-780240 pswt include: Solo, Sragen, Karanganyar, Wonogiri, Boyolali, Purwodadi, Kudus, Pati, Blora, Rembang, Jepara and Salatiga.

D. Education First
Candidates who passed and was elected as carbolic Air Force Academy will directly follow the Basic Education Akmil soldiering in Magelang, then follow the first in the AAU Education Yogyakarta.

E. First Appointment.
After graduating from the first appointed education officer with the rank of Second Lieutenant and directed to Corps / Department:

1. Pilot / navigator.
2. Aircraft Technics.
3. Electronics.
4. Debriefing.
5. Administration.
6. Forces / Pom.
7. Special.

F. Misc.

1. During the entire series of inspection / testing, on the candidates carbolic Air Force Academy is free of charge.
2. Registration forms and others are provided in Panitian area (Panda).
3. Not accept candidates who do repairs DANEM a way already graduated from one school and then move and take the exam at another school.
4. Further details can be obtained at the registration and / or service personnel nearby air base.

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