BMW Body Kits Review

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BMW cars are great looking vehicles that speak of wealth, prestige and status. So how can you improve on these symbols of wealth with the use of BMW body kits? Well while you can use some of the more outlandish looking parts there are also other options. These are the use of rear wings or custom wheels and rims.
You don’t have to go all out and change the entire way your BMW looks. The main fact behind your decision to change the nice conventional look to your status symbol may be the desire to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The best way to achieve this ambition is with the use of BMW body kits.

You can start this metamorphosis by deciding on the first items to change. For instance you may like the look of the sky wing door of the Lamborghini range. These car doors open to the sky instead of the usual factory direct sideways. There are other items in BMW body kits that you can add to give your BMW a brand new look. These will include a possible trunkwing “959”.
At this point you should be aware that most of the body kits parts will have a language of their own. The trunkwing is a term denoting that a new trunk has been made out of fiberglass or the original OEM trunk. This new trunk comes complete with built-in wings of its own.

There are other parts in the BMW body kits range that you can add to your car. For instance you will find some fantastic rear and front lip parts which can be placed on your car. There are also the various side skirts which are attached to the sides of the car to give your BMW a sleek look. On the other hand you might want to have a wide body kit performed on your BMW.
This body kit will in some cases require extensive body work and painting to be done on your car. What is entailed in this type of body work is ground effect fender flares or wide fenders to be attached to your BMW. There are additional 1 /4 panels which need to be attached as well. To help your car cope with the wider fenders you may have to add some wider wheels and tires to your BMW.

Now before you become scared of how your car will look you should know that there are some real nice looking tires that will not spoil the elegant look of your BMW. As with so many different body kits the BMW body kits have been created to cater for the tastes of different people. You will find the addition of these BMW body kits to provide your car with added elegance.

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