Suzuki SX4 SportBack Review

Suzuki SX4 is a distinctive five-door that combines the features of the compact sports illustrated by Swift, with the lightweight SUVs such as the Grand Vitara, to create an exciting small car alternative.

The resulting 'sport X-over' response combines driving dynamics, 4x4 capability, practicality and style, which refers to a freestyle approach to life.

Composition of the United Kingdom offers two engine options - one diesel and one petrol. Revised 120PS VVT engine 1.6 petrol is available with 2-wheel drive or SZ3 SZ4 (front drive) or 4x4 format SZ5 model selectable / automatic four-wheel drive. DDIS 1.6-liter is available SZ4 cut in April 2010 along with gasoline SZ5 4X4.

After the Swift, Grand Vitara, SX4, Suzuki was the third global strategic model. He also formed the basis of the Challenger World Rally Championship during the 2007 / 8

Suzuki SX4 is the result of a joint development agreement between Suzuki and Fiat Auto, Suzuki has been responsible for project management from concept to mass production. Suzuki SX4 models sold in Europe are built at Magyar Suzuki Corporation in Hungary.

Exterior expressive, confident

Suzuki SX4 is designed to look great in any environment. Dynamic fusion of SUV with the elegance of passenger cars provides comfort and presence beyond the compact size of the model. 2010-model has a redesigned bumper and grille with new design alloy wheels with 16 inch SZ4 and SZ5 models. A low, rising waistline and large triangular windows facing the front door gives the vehicle a strong, sporty wedge shape to express the dynamic performance, while the pronounced wheel arches and wide front and the back of the stable distribution track and traction. The design suggests a potential that is not found in conventional sedans and is pure Suzuki in nature: exciting, multi-dimensional and visually appealing.

Three levels of models are available: SZ3, SZ4 SZ5 and is available for 4x4 petrol model. All models have a bold SUV with wheel arch extensions, side strips (not SZ3 model), the protective side moldings and front and rear skid plates.

A bold design, refined interior

"X-over" design continues inside the car, with a wrap around curves and packing materials and substances that have a high quality visual and tactile. Circular motifs and a flowing center panel - also used to rave reviews in other Suzuki models - expressing dynamic performance of the car and add to the call of active lifestyles.

Two-tone interior is predominantly black, highlighted in a metallic color accents and wedge-shaped motifs, for behold, that is both bold and refined. The dashboard is ergonomically designed for a key meters and controls are intuitive and easy to use. New Style, LED backlit three-dial cluster of important information at a glance, and neatly echoes the metal, round Topics side vents and other controls. Important driver information on instantaneous and average fuel consumption and driving a fuel range restricted and the outdoor temperature has been moved to the top of the center of the dashboard in front of the driver's instrument panel.

The instrument panel lower center panel has also been revised for the 2010 model and includes a new screen, the housing controls the audio, air conditioning and others. SZ4 and SZ5 The model makes the most of the fully automatic air conditioner have ring lights, making it easier to see and use, while adding to the refined quality. Steering wheel audio controls are illuminated for convenience.

Balancing form and function

Suzuki SX4 comfortably accommodate five people and luggage to their needs, while maintaining a sleek and stylish. 4WD models have an external length-width-height dimensions 4150 mm x 1755 mm x 1620 mm (2WD models: 1605 mm) These powerful proportions and minimum turning radius of 10.6 meters Suzuki SX4 easy to move through the streets narrow, and easier to park in spaces that would be off the field for full-size SUV.

The spacious interior provides a great listening experience and shoulder room, while rear seat passengers. Space is not the only factor to ensure a lot of comfort by train: the shape and position of the seats have been designed to support natural posture, the key to a comfortable long-distance travel. In addition, the ideal seat height, large openings and ground clearance make it easy to access for all on board. Rear seats set a little 'higher, which means they are back up to get a good picture.

Rear seats shared by 60:40, so long items can be done seated with one or two rear passengers. They can also be dropped forward to create a nearly flat load floor, increasing luggage capacity of 270-625 liters (VDA measurement).

A series of practical storage compartments are provided in the cabin, including bags in all doors with bottle holders.

The train of refinement and comfort has been improved model of the new installation of equipment, doors, padded armrests, additional sound insulation throughout the cabin with new carpet design, all contribute to lower levels of NVH.

Outside, a bigger engine under shield cover with damper improved transmission and increased rigidity of the body parts are also included.


Suzuki SX4 is a well-SZ3 offers six standard airbags, remote central locking with deadlocks, climate control, MP3 / WMA compatible CD radio with eight speakers, four electric windows, driver information display, and illuminated steering wheel mounted audio controls.

SZ4 model adds fog lights, alloy wheels 16 inches, protecting the body side and heated exterior mirrors. Essence SZ4 models have an even higher specification with keyless entry and start, center channel speaker panel, and automatic control of temperature.

On sale in April, the top of the range model adds SZ5 i-AWD (All Wheel Drive Intelligent), MP3 / WMA six CD changer and rear privacy glass.

Pure driving pleasure

The Suzuki SX4 was designed from the ground up to offer four-wheel drive capabilities, but also provide a strong and dynamic performance. The intrinsic qualities of sport sedans are evident in the response of the car and a comfortable long distance travel, while Suzuki's extensive experience in 4WD technology offers all-wheel drive is more than sufficient for everyday situations.

The gasoline engine 1.6-liter unit functions reviewed by the accelerator cable, variable valve timing and variable intake system for drivability and response. It feeds on 2WD models with manual transmission from zero to 62 mph in 10.7 seconds - 11.5 seconds for the 4x4 model. Combined cycle manual 2WD models return 45.6mpg, an improvement of 10 percent over the previous engine, while the 4x4 is only slightly behind, returning 43.5mpg, a very respectable figure for a petrol 4x4.

Power and torque

The gasoline engine of 1.6 liters has been enhanced to meet Euro 5 emissions standards with a new cylinder head and block with better cooling performance and to improve the control limits "hit" or detonation, the greatest power (120 hp compared to 107P) in the previous engine was carried out by expanding the intake and the elevation of the valve with variable valve timing and use of a variable intake manifold.

A variable intake system is similar to that used for the Grand Vitara with a 2.4 liter rotary valve in the intake manifold to change the length of the inlet of the engine speed. The result is greater efficiency at all engine speeds the intake.

The variable intake system adjusts the length inlet in three phases, low, middle and high, reaching the maximum potential of the intake manifold. Optimize the efficiency contribution in this way means that the engine delivers more torque at the right time and then the results in the reduction of emissions at all engine speeds.

The engine also uses an exhaust catalyst with thin walls also help to achieve greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, which is particularly important after a cold start as the exhaust catalyst is capable of operating temperature in less time.

The 1.6-liter DDiS, Peugeot, providing 90 horsepower and 215Nm of torque at just 1,750 rpm to ensure a live performance, and fuel flexible solid. Mated to a manual gearbox and five-speed driving through the front wheels, there was an impressive 57.6 mpg (combined cycle) and CO2 emissions of just 129 g / km. Nothing to 62 mph acceleration is achieved in 12.2 seconds with a top speed (where permissible) of 109 mph.

The i-AWD (intelligent all-wheel drive)

The function signature is a 4x4 Suzuki SX4 is the i-AWD switchable three mode four-wheel drive. An electronic coupling control allows the driver to choose between Auto 4WD, 4WD-Lock, and 2WD to adapt to driving conditions, providing excellent traction on slippery surfaces.

In the Auto-4WD mode under normal driving, there is no transfer of torque to the rear wheels, so the Suzuki SX4 is to work effectively as a front-wheel drive. Once the front wheels slip delivery is detected, torque is automatically split between the rear wheels to provide all-wheel drive and improve vehicle stability.

4WD-Lock mode maintains the full thrust of up to about 40 mph, then automatically switch to 4WD-Auto mode for smooth cruising. Choice of 2 wheel drive (driving the front wheels) optimizes fuel economy.


The Suzuki SX4 offers crisp handling, predictable designed to meet European tastes drive. This was achieved by carefully matching the characteristics of the suspension very rigid platform. Adjust extensive chassis has been made in Europe to provide leadership and management performance to meet the preferences of the European market.

The body is an essential design evolution has helped drive Suzuki SX4 numerous awards around the world, like a car magazine Car of the Year in 2006, when the model was launched. The high torsional rigidity and reinforced suspension mounts flexing and let the front MacPherson struts and rear torsion beam suspension to perform to their full potential. Wide 1500 / 1495 mm front and rear (1495 / 1495 mm 4x4 models), and 205/60R16 tires increase driving even more stable.

Security reassuring

Suzuki SX4 inspires confidence and a full range of security features. Active safety features are ABS with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) is standard on all models with rear disc brakes for improved braking performance.

Overall, the Suzuki SX4 is an astoundingly crashworthy, who helped get four stars for adult occupants of the Euro NCAP test. Extensive use is made of high quality steel and the right space to get the strength to build a car without the extra weight penalty. Front and rear crush zones to absorb impact energy when the frame structure to drive a lot of impact energy away from the highly reinforced cabin.

The taxi driver has a dominant position to the wheel with a wide field. The front airbags, side and curtain are provided on all models with pre-tensioners and force limiters for front seat belts, seat belts three-point emergency locking retractor is provided on all rear seats and Isofix child seat anchor brackets with top tether.

Suzuki SX4 also offers a range of specific protection for child pedestrians and passengers, measures which were set to launch a model of a three-star Euro NCAP scores for each category, a particularly impressive result for a compact car.

Service intervals are every 9000 miles and all the Suzuki SX4 has a three-year, 60,000 mile warranty on par with other Suzuki models.

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