Differences Car Type LS and LT Chevrolet Aveo

Here's a comparison of Chevrolet Aveo LS and LT TypeAveo cars in addition has a robust design in its class also economical in fuel consumption . This is because the Aveo uses the latest technology for saving fuel . Immediately , the following comparison of the two types Aveo .

Machine Aveo LS and LT Same TypeInstallation of the engine together with the engine in the Aveo cars from other manufacturers , the same . Yes , the engine is mounted on the second type is a DOHC 4 -cylinder with 16 valves and a capacity of 1.4L . With Multi- Point Injection , this machine can give a maximum power of 100 PS at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 130 Nm at 3,000 rpm . With the same machine , you do not need to compare their performance . Because both have the same performance and able to spend that much energy . However , if you need a car with an automatic transmission , the best option of course is the type of LT , because the type of LS was manufactured with manual transmission only.

Comfort and Safety FeaturesChevrolet Aveo LS type is equipped with features such as air conditioning Power Steering , Tilt Steering , Power Windows , Central Door Lock and which is becoming a standard feature for both types . What distinguishes the two is the features like alloy wheels , brake feature using ABS , front fog lamps , and chrome front grille that has been attached to the top variants , namely Aveo LT type . Not only that , type LT is also equipped with electric mirrors coupled with SRS airbag . To add to your comfort , seat type LT can also be measured and changed the height as you see fit . Of course this feature does not exist in the LS type . However , comfort seats and spacious cabin remains a positive value that can not be underestimated .After all , the same audio system CD , MP3 , with 4 speakers . Although they have not facilitated the USB / AUX , the sound clear and pleasing to the ear can be considered to choose one of them . After all , the clarity of the sound will stay with you when driving with the tiny sharp -edged . It is not owned by the LS type is GM tirptonic feature , as this feature is only procured the Aveo cars with automatic transmissions , namely the type of LT / AT .

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