Honda CRV 2013 - Car Review

Honda CRV, which we know Honda always gives his best and quite a number of well-known products in the Asian country, one of which is the State of Indonesia. From generation to generation Honda CRV is quite well known and sold in the market for a car in its class, and what is new in the All New Honda CRV 2013 this time, following his review.

This time in the 4th generation Honda CRV ReviewMobils team arrested a number of novelties presented by Honda, both in terms of design, features and technology offered in this car. So for that we can start with the performance of this car.

Honda CRV using technology DOHC i-VTEC engine with a capacity of 2354 CC, which can produce up to 190 PS at 7000 rpm. More refined engine sound when turned on and when the driver pull the car gas more easily reach a speed of 100. This was confirmed by Honda as they raise the car's power up to 10 PS from previous generations.

As for handling the affairs of the All New Honda CRV car this 2013, had no doubt about it, with a few changes to the car body is made increasingly agile to move freely. Salain ECON there are also features that this car will assess how your driving is pretty good in terms of economical fuel.

Looks more simple that supports handling for this car, elegant and sporty impression to stick on this car. Especially at this time supported by the tire rim size 18 "which makes this car look more fresh makes this SUV belonging to the luxury SUV and has qualified perfection.

In terms of the car's interior, Honda's latest models apply to this car's dashboard. covered by a wooden texture of this car looks much simpler and more ergonomic for the rider. Although not as fancy as the previous generation but of course adapted to the performance provided by this car.

Talking about the features of course there is a clear increase in the generation of this

Unfortunately for features parking sensors, this car is not installed, so are urged to be careful when the vehicle is parked for the frequent use of the car with parking sensors. But for car safety problem for motorists and passengers become no.1 affairs for the Honda team. Start of airbags, ABS system, ESP, EBD became the first business in providing services to its customers.
time, such as start-n-stop feature,, hill start assist, paddle shift, as well as the MID screen that makes this car usage information and can be used as wallpaper. Econ Not to mention the features that have been discussed previously.

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