Lexus LFA: Test Drive at the Fuji Speedway Circuit Japan

Lexus LFA
One of the most anticipated series of activities while following Lexus during the Tokyo Motor Show to - 43 mid- November 2013 and is , try three flagship Lexus sport utility vehicles in the automotive world stage . One of the most horrendous , most attractive , and most adrenaline , when given the opportunity spur -made two-seater supercar Lexus ; LFA .

 Lexus LFA is the second model in the F series range , which is the code for the production of full- performance vehicles from Lexus , which was produced after the model of the IS F. It takes up to three models of LFA concept that each of the three models of this concept is always introduced at the North American International Auto Show.

After the initial development in 2000 with the code P280 models , first LFA concept was launched in 2005 . Subsequently in 2007 , the LFA concept emerged with the improvement on both interior and exterior . The third version of the model concept was introduced in 2008 with the LFA roadster format . As for the mass production version of the LFA appeared the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 .

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