Mazda MX-5 Bermesin 1.5L akan meluncur di tahun 2015

Japanese car manufacturer , Mazda confirmed that it is now developing the All - New Mazda MX - 5 . The plan , which the legendary roadster has now turned 25 years old on February 10, 2014 and will come with a new look in 2015 .

All- New Mazda MX - 5 is also rumored to be the latest to use the new platform that is lighter . Additionally , Mazda 's flagship car will also come with a carrying capacity of 1.5 - liter engine equipped with a turbo without , such as reported by Autocar , Friday ( 21/3 ) .

In addition , the new platform -generation Mazda MX - 5 will be using the latest rear-wheel drive and is designed to be connected with the new SkyActiv concept . Mazda SkyActiv technology will also be pinned on the chassis , body and transmission of the All - New Mazda MX - 5 .

SkyActiv - G engine capacity of 1.5L All- New Mazda MX - 5 , this latest is claimed to produce power up to 99 horsepower with a peak torque of 150 Nm . Additionally , Mazda will also prepare a cardiac pacemaker capacity 2.0L SkyActiv - G as another variant .

The dimensions of the All - New Mazda MX - 5 will also be maintained with simple facial design . And to get a more economical , will the latest Mazda MX- 5 will share a platform with the Alfa Romeo .

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