McLaren MP4-12C Review

McLaren MP4-12C Review
" Finally " , that's the first word that comes to my mind when McLaren introduced the MP4 - 12C in 2011 , with no thought that I would drive it someday . The words appear because after the McLaren F1 , as if they continue to be under the shadow of Mercedes - Benz . But , do not misunderstand . SLR is a car that is no less spectacular , but the MP4 - 12C is purely the result of engineering and development of McLaren Automotive .
Today , the figure of a super car born from the hands of the designer Frank Stephenson sketch has appeared before me , in a quiet corner in Tangerang , Banten . Her curves , extra wide tires , and a low posture , it explains very well what and who the McLaren MP4 - 12C . But , it was not well . At least until lit turbocharged V8 engine is behind the driver 's back .
Machines are also modified McLaren himself , coded M838T , will be offering 616 hp to the transmission 7 - speed dual clutch , which will then forward the power directly to the rear wheel , with three ride options : Normal , Sport , and Track , which is controlled from two knob . Why should the two ? Because each set of two different things . Adjust the knob to the left of the engine program , and on the right set of performance suspension . So , you can be more flexible set driving mode . For example , the engine in Normal mode , but the suspension in Sport mode , and so on . Smart .
Behind the curved aerodynamic body , and his face as if he was smiling , there bermaterial carbon chassis called ' carbon monocell ' . This is one technology that is taken directly from the McLaren F1 car belongs in the racing arena .
The chassis is so efficient in the manufacturing process so that Carbo Tech , the chassis maker based in Salzburg , Austria , it only takes four hours to merangkainya . Amazingly, frame chassis weighs only about 80 pounds !
Alright . We start by pressing the start / stop button . The roar of a V8 engine sounds brutal and frankly very interesting . One of the V8 engine with the best sound I've ever tried is the BMW M5 , it was produced through a sophisticated process that funnel sound to the speakers in the cabin . At 12C , sounding genuine and not contrived . And this happens when the engine is in Normal mode .
Press the D key to the transmission , and started driving . Low seating position adjustment requires . Fortunately both corner muzzle still visible , making it easier to maneuver in traffic density . For the first phase , we tried the car in Normal mode where it would behave decently . Although not as politely as you might imagine because the suspension and engine sound loud roar behind as tempting right foot to step on the gas pedal . Transmission to normal although it was a bit of kicking at low speed . Understandably , this super car transmission , not a city car .
Furthermore , we skip straight to Sport mode and Track mode . Exhaust sound turns into heavier make the car as soon begging to be driven . And that's what we did . The gas pedal is pressed deep , and its speed is incredible.
Now the engine sound plus two turbo hiss that helps you stick in the back seat , and a lazy lift the gas pedal . In fact , we do a rolling start with an initial velocity of about 40 kph. But , the sensation truly exceptional and not found in super cars I ever drove was when you raced from rest .
Lajukan to achieve maximum engine rev limit ( 8500 rpm ) , then move the gears via paddle shifters on the steering wheel . A ' punch ' will be felt in the back , and 12C then entertain you with a pleasant centrifugal force , while continuing to accelerate .
How to distribute engine power to the wheels is something that stands out because 80 % of torque ( 600 Nm maximum ) will be available from 2,000 rpm , and that he is the ' fun factor ' on the MP4 - 12C .
Furthermore , the braking was assured thanks to the ceramic discs , plus a water brake which will expand on the back . You will not miss the water brake , as so appearing , rear glass will be covered by the expanding rear wing , helping braking .
In the interior , it was not much to enjoy . With a more conventional configuration than the McLaren F1 , the first-class cabin coated material . For entertaining , McLaren still kind enough to give head unit can not play the CD .
But , matter what . In the car I prefer to listen to the sound of the twin-turbo V8 engine in the rear rather than listening to the radio . And I believe , the late Bruce McLaren also agree with this .

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