Mercedes-Benz CLA 200, a Blend of Classic Coupe And Sporty

Mercedes - Benz Indonesia introduced the four-door coupe series , CLA Class recently in Jakarta . CLA is a variant of the Mercedes- Benz rolled CLA 200 and CLA 200 Urban Sport . This coupe is aimed at young executives who want a vehicle with a powerful performance and stylish appearance .

Shown with a mix of classic and sporty coupe firmly underlined , CLA 200 comes with a characteristic sharp and muscular . Indentation hard - done on the entire body to support the hood grille appearance to look stylish sporty full chrome . In the sports version , the car looks more masculine and stylish racing thanks to the lowered suspension and front brake discs and callipers with Mercedes - Benz sweep alphabet which stand out.

Both cars use the engine capacity of 1,595 cc 4 -cylinder that can generate power up to 156 hp and torque of 250 Nm . Front-wheel drive , the model in using the technology double clutch transmission 7G - DCT in order to get a smooth gearshift .

Achieving weight of 1,430 kg , the performance of the vehicle is capable of reaching speeds of 0 to 100 km / h in 8.5 seconds and fuel consumption of 5.2 liters per 100 km .


Elegant , luxurious and modern . This is visible on the inside of the Mercedes - Benz CLA 200 . Spacious cabin space gives comfort even for long-distance driving . On the back of the child seat ISOFIX ( International Standards Organisation Fix ) applied easily with a high level of security .

Feature buttons arranged on the steering wheel and center console . Features such as cruise control , suspension comfort level , and automatic climate control with easily accessible thanks to a neat placement .

There are differences in the modification of leg room on the second vehicle . CLA 200 Sport comes with a more ferocious as stainless - steel pedals , black roofliner , microfiber door panels , as well as modifications AMG in some spots . While CLA 200 Urban over the interior beauty blends with the dominant sweep of silver - chrome .

security features

Not only comes with the appearance and performance of the engine is powerful, CLA 200 series is also equipped with security features that is qualified . Packed with 7 air bags are scattered in several crucial points , CLA 200 is able to protect the rider in the event of an accident . There is also Acceleration Skid Control ( ASC ) that is able to stabilize when the car had lost control.

Other safety systems , such as Anti - lock Braking System ( ABS ) , ATTENTION ASSIST , Electronic Stability Program ( ESP ) , air pressure loss warning system and tires , glass cleaner blades fitted rain sensor , headlight cleaning system and run-flat tires were able to keep the shape of the tire in order to keep it running in low speed when the leak.

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