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Nissan GTR
Another six months, another subtle tweak to the GT-R, another feeling that if you buy one, you're simply beta-testing for the next generation. Which will be along in a minute.

For model year 2013, Nissan's big hitter is still a 3.8-litre bi-turbo V6, but tweaked for increased responsiveness in the mid and upper rev ranges, the body is slightly more rigid than before, and the suspension has been tampered with for a better ride and more stability at high speed. The physical changes are gloriously tiny micro-engineering pornography, and include new injectors, a new pressure release valve for the turbos to help keep them on song, new oil-pan baffles, and revised spring and damper rates. The dash has been reinforced, as has the instrument panel, and there are even new cam bolts. Honestly.

Surprisingly, you can actually feel the differences. It rides noticeably better - especially at low speed in town - and seems to be less aggressive in the boost application, but no less fast. It still makes mincemeat of any traction situation (0-62mph is down to 2.7 seconds - down 0.1), and launches like it's been hit by a truck. It's brilliant, it's better, it's worth it. But only just.

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