Smart Fortwo Coupe Review

Smart Fortwo Coupe
Smart first introduced in Europe in 1998, and quickly charms captivate Blue Continent . Smart described as a smart car (hence its name ) , fuel-efficient , small dimensions ( only fit two people ) , and has a very large deviation space .
Smart arrived in Indonesia in early 2011 , when the price of subsidized motor fuel rose slowly , and the more public in Indonesia ( mainly in the capital ) cars that consume small dimension , small engine , and fuel -efficient < 1500 cc .
The reason of course is the impact of congestion on fuel consumption will be higher . So that your costs are also increasing . Well , if this is a coincidence to assert this " savior " anti- jam ?
Efforts Mercedes - Benz in overcoming bottlenecks and complexity of mobility in Jakarta is to bring Smart . This two seater car can be one way for the community to minimize the unused land . In addition , this automatic transmission car has eco-friendly technology . In order to prove the truth , we tested the Smart ForTwo Passion Coupe down his hectic traffic of the capital of Jakarta .
With a high roof , a small center console , and the cabin just for two people , the Smart Fortwo was more extensive than you think . Seats can be adjusted properly to control more convenient .
The distance between the driver's seat , dashboard , and windshield just the same as a conventional car . That is , there would be no sense of claustrophobic in this car . One more advantages : the high seating position makes your eyes ( high view ) together with the small SUV .
So , Smart just looks small from the outside , but not from the inside . Not only that , the cargo hold is 12 cubic feet Fortwo feels big enough for two medium -sized travel bag .
Fortwo engine with a capacity of 1 - liter ( 999 cc ) , 3 - cylinder , capable of producing power 71 hp at 5,800 rpm with a torque of 92 Nm at 2,800 rpm . This machine is fitted with a manual transmission 5 - speed sequential - so clutch and gear removal is done by computer .
The weakness of the model is the transmission as the engine turns going down first gear when moving to a higher , to then continue the acceleration . Need a bit of accuracy when playing the gas pedal for the transmission of this kind . Not careful , it can make the car halting. Prevent it , there is also a manual mode , so we can play shift when necessary . Displacement can be done through or with the paddle shift gear lever .
The surplus , this is the first city car in Indonesia, which adopts the advanced start-stop . In the system called Mild Hybrid Drive ( MHD ) , the engine will die if you stop and step on the brake pedal remains . Release the brake pedal and the engine will restart normally. The machine will be live as soon as the foot moves from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal .
You can turn on / turn off the system by pressing the ECO button located on the center console ahead of the gear lever . When stopped , the engine will die . As soon as you press the gas pedal the engine will continue to start . You need to practice to make it a seamless procession .
On the bright side , we were able to penetrate the MHD make claims fuel consumption 22 km / liter Smart with numbers belonging to 24 km / liter ( on the highway ) , and 15 km / liter for the city with the normal conditions ( no jam ) .
Pengendaraannya quite comfortable in the short route , but while driving away , soreness easy to attack because of the suspension damping is fairly hard . Then why the suspension should be hardened ? Certainly because of petite figure . The result , in order to maintain balance and driving dynamics at the level of fun , Smart damping suspension should be hardened . If made ​​of soft or too soft , it will be the dominant symptoms of dizziness , and you certainly feel more uncomfortable . Another plus is the harsh suspension tuning makes the Smart is more optimal control .
Before you decide to buy it , the first question to be answered is the car , whether the car is safe or not ? In the crash test conducted in the United States , the Fortwo posted rate four stars for the driver's side , but only three stars for the front passenger . Smart also get 5 for side impact test .
This result can be achieved because Smart is designed with a steel safety shell . Maximize , Smart machines placed under the floor of the trunk so that the front crumple zone can be strengthened without fear of heavy impact will push the machine hit the driver and front passenger .
Small cars are sold at a high enough price : Rp 249 million . Armed with that money , you can certainly buy a lot of cars dimension bigger than him out there . However , this car is not for you who are looking for a first car . This car is more appropriate to complement your lifestyle that has been established , or well off . That is , when viewed from the target market , this car meets all aspects of your nut .
But if this car becomes the bottleneck and complexity of mobility solutions in Jakarta ? We do not think so because it certainly takes more than a small car to tackle congestion dimension . In essence , this car is not the solution of our problems , but this car is a great car , stylish , efficient , and unique .


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